We have a new website. Please click on the following link:


 We have a new website. Please click on the following link:


Welcome to our Charlotte NC holistic, biological and biocompatible dental practice. We offer free-consulations to get to know us and detailed comprehensive initial exams (what's included) if you decide to become our patient. 

- Looking for holistic and biological care, routine care and cleanings or more specific treatment? Whatever you need, we can help you.

- We treat patients whether they have insurance or not. If you do have insurance, we electronically file all insurance forms and paperwork. Also, we are participating providers for the Delta Dental Premier insurance plan.

Eight significant reasons why people in 
the Charlotte NC area seek our care

  1) We are holistic and biological

  2) We are minimally invasive and preventive 

  3) We offer root canal alternatives 

  4) We perform bite balancing procedures 

  5) We achieve beautiful and enduring cosmetic results 

  6) We achieve beautiful and enduring implant results 

  7) We perform nonsurgical and laser periodontal therapy 

  8) Over 25 years of knowledge and skill in clinical dentistry 

Holistic, biological and biocompatible dentist Charlotte NC
(This video is just under 10 minutes long
and gives excellent insight to our practice)

Hello, my name is Paul Plascyk and I am a  holistic, biological and biocompatible dentist in  Charlotte NC. I am proud that my staff and I have  solved health issues for so many wonderful  people over the years. Many of you already  understand what a holistic and biological dentist  is. Others may have a partial understanding and  some may not understand what a holistic and  biological dentist is at all. If you need to know  more, please explore this site and watch the  entire video (less than 10 minutes) on this page  to learn more about holistic and biological dentistry. In general terms, a holistic and biological dentist minimizes the effect of dental disease and dental materials on the whole body. Holistic and biological dentistry is the best way that my staff and I can deliver the best possible care to our Charlotte NC area patients. Even if you are not looking for any "special" type of dental care such as holistic and biological dentistry and you just want to go to a "good dentist" we are still the practice for you. Our holistic and biological care will ensure you are getting the best dental care that we can provide without incurring more cost. In other words, we are going to get the advantage of our holistic and biological care regardless. As a patient, you cannot ask for anything more.

When visiting a dentist's website, I strongly advise everyone to try to look beyond the hype and distracting marketing and try to uncover substantial information that is important to you. What is the doctor's philosophy of care and are they practicing in the manner that you are looking for. Is there something in the information that they are supplying that is unique and more than you have seen before. Remember, to ask questions before choosing your doctor. We routinely speak to potential patients who want some questions answered before they make an appointment. You can call us directly or email us with any concerns or questions. Free consultations are a great way for any potential patient to evaluate the staff, the doctor and the physical layout of the office itself. I am very proud of everything about my office and staff and enjoy discussing everything and answering your questions atna consultation appointment. 

It has taken me over 25 years to hone my skills and philosophy of holistic, biological and biocompatible care. I consider my three greatest achievements are my skill and knowledge of cosmeticholistic, biological and biocompatible care and bite balancing care. I take significant extra steps in my care to ensure that my dental materials are biocompatible, infection is minimal, inflammation is minimal and the jaw structures (TMJ, jaw muscles and bite)are in equilibrium. In addition to using traditional care to achieve this, I also use alternative or nontraditional techniques. These include ozonemicroscopic analysis and biocompatability testing. 

Additional Topics:
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Home Care Instructions (how to clean your teeth).

Neck and shoulder exercises to treat muscle pain 
that radiates to the head, face and jaws.


Dental laser treatment for
periodontal (gum and bone) disease.