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As a Charlotte North Carolina dentist who has been preventing damage from bruxism and occlusal-muscle disorder for over 25 years I have found that bruxism or tooth grinding, can be a very damaging process for the teeth, jaw muscles, periodontium and the TMJs (jaw joints). Any Charlotte NC area dentist who regularly treat bruxism and unbalanced biteswould agree with this. Bruxism occurs at night when we are sleeping. This is not the same as clenching which occurs while we are awake. Everyone in the world bruxes, there are no exeptions. What does vary from person to person is how often they brux or grind, how intense and finally how damaging the bruxing or grinding is. Most of my Charlotte NC area patients know they grind but I do have some patients who believe that they do not grind at night. There are multiple ways to tell whether a person has a history of bruxism or grinding. These include: 

    - Damage to the TMJs 
    - Damage to the periodontium 
    - Damage to the teeth
    - Damage to the jaw muscle 

Most people who have damage are not in obvious pain, although some level of jaw muscle pain can usually be elicited when the muscles are properly palpated during an exam. Some patients also explain to me that they can control and prevent grinding at night in one way or another. Again this is not possible because this process occurs at night when we are sleeping. There is no question that the frequency of bruxism or grinding is related to emotional and physical stress. Bruxism and grinding will be increased both in frequency and intensity during stressful times. The frequency and intensity of bruxism or grinding will be greater if there is occluso-muscle disorder (an unbalanced bite). Additionally, the damage caused by bruxing or grinding is more damaging to the oral structures if occluso-muscle disorder (an unbalanced bite) is present.

Bite guard therapy is one of several treatment modalities I use to control the damaging affects of night time bruxing or grinding for my Charlotte NC area patients.