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 Criteria for a Balanced Bite
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There are four criteria for a balanced bite. They are explained below. When performing an Occlusal (Bite) Analysis, Mounted Case I determine how far a patient’s bite or occlusion deviates from these criteria. The more deviation there is, the more therapy will be recommended to balance the bite. As a Charlotte North Carolina dentist working in the “real world”, there are times it is not possible to attain all the ideal criteria for a balanced bite. In these cases we make compromises in the therapy to accommodate the patient’s unique case or desires. Therapy to correct the bite may include one or more of the following therapies for my Charlotte NC area patients. 

          - Occlusal (Bite) Adjustment, complete 
          - Orthodontic movement of teeth 
          - Crowns or Porcelain Veneers
          - Orthognathic surgery (surgical repositioning of jaw bones)
          - Bite Guard

Criteria for a Balanced Bite: 

1) The condyles need to be in the most stable position in the jaw joints (TMJs):

2) The teeth must have balanced and simultaneous initial contact with each other so the condyles are not moved out of their stable positions in the TMJs (jaw joints) and no tooth is receive excessive or misdirected bite forces: 

3) The upper and lower anterior teeth must have proper contacts with each other when the lower jaw slides forward. This will decrease the amount of activated jaw muscles and properly guide the condyles in the TMJs (jaw joints): 

4) The upper and lower canine teeth have proper contacts when the jaw slides laterally. This will decrease the amount of activated jaw muscles and properly guide the the condyles in the jaw joints (TMJs).