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 Damaged Dental Treatment
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Every patient in the Charlotte North Carolina area would desire to have their dental treatment last forever. That would decrease time spent in the dental chair and save a lot on dental cost. For the most part this does not happen; fillings crack, crowns loosen porcelain fractures, etc. As any dentist in the Charlotte NC area can tell you, failure of dental treatment can happen for a number of reasons. The three biggest reason for failure are: 

          - Inadequate home care

          - Not attending regular cleaning and checkup appointments 

          - An unbalanced bite

The following are examples of failed dental treatment caused by an unbalanced bite that should have been resolved before the dental treatment was completed:


worn porcelain on crowns 

fractured porcelain on crown 

fractured porcelain on bridge (L). fractured porcelain on bridge (R) 

cracked filling (L), crown fractured off tooth (R)