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Email sent to me (Dr. Plascyk)

This is an email that was sent to me which I subsequently responded to. It is an example of the type of concerns and issues people have.

Question or Comment: Hi! I am moving to NC in 3 weeks. I have a top front tooth (#8) that was root canaled 2 years ago, and never did settle down (always felt swollen, tender, etc.) I have had it unsuccessfully retreated the last couple months, and would like to see Dr. Plascyk about it when I get to NC. At this point, it is sore, and tender all around it, but not excruciating. If I can't save it, I'd like to get it extracted, get a bone graft, and a temp flipper, and get an implant later on. I also have a tooth that is inflamed (#2) that the dentist wants me to get root canaled... but since I have had NOTHING but dental problems and health problems after the last root canal no-one could pay ME enough to get a root canal again, never mind me paying to get one. (I am 28, and I'm tired of dentists telling me I have "healthy" teeth, and a "healthy" mouth, when I've had more dental work in the last two years since my root canal than the previous 26 years combined! It is not abscessed, and doesn't seem to be infected, so at this point, I'm fighting for a wait and see approach. My question is, does Dr. Plascyk ever do the initial free consultation by phone? I just would love to that, and then decide if I want to schedule my first appointment -X-rays and all that- as soon as possible after I arrive in NC. Thanks! ....

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