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Email sent to me (Dr. Plascyk)

This is an email that was sent to me which I subsequently responded to. It is an example of the type of concerns and issues people have.

I have had crown lengthening surgery & now they are saying I either need root canal or to decide on doing an implant. I\'ve heard root canals are dangerous and often don\'t work, teeth may still fall out. There are too many spaces in the dead tooth that cannot be filled with root canal material cuasing the bacteria to be able to mutate to live with less oxygen and to release toxins into the bloodstream allowing other parts of the body or organs to be attacked. Titanium implants are strong and said to be minimal electricity conductors, but I have 2 porcelain fused to metal caps in my mouth and want to be sure of a strong lifelong lasting implant without getting battery action between the teeth or interfering with brain electronics. There is also concern about the cost. I have to find a new doctor to do any of these things.

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