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Dr. Plascyk, why do I keep needing root canals?

How come I need so many crowns?

I have to have another tooth extracted?

These are some of the common questions I get from my Charlotte North Carolina area patients. As a dentist who has been solving these problems for over 25 years, I know that most of the time the answer to these questions is “the bite”. An unbalanced bite puts stress on the entire masticatory system. This cracks, fractures and loosens teeth. This makes them more susceptible to infections that cause the need for root canals, crowns and extractions.

The following X-rays showing extensive and invasive dental treatment would have been eliminated or reduced if occlusal (bite) disease was eliminated before the damage was done:

    Missing teeth, root canals, crowns and bridges 

missing teeth and bridges 

missing all teeth 

all teeth missing and replaced with dental implants