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 Ozone and Periodontal Therapy
Dentist Charlotte North Carolina NC

 Ozone Dentist Charlotte NC North Carolina Holistic Biological Biocompatible 

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Over the years my Charlotte North Carolina area patients have benefited from my use of ozone on teeth. Like any concerned dentist I try to deliver the best possible care to my patients. Oxygen-ozone therapy helps me achieve the results my Charlotte NC area patients deserve. I now use oxygen-ozone in root canal therapy, surgery, and cleanings and preventive care . 

Ozone has many benefits when used properly. One of these benefits is that it is a powerful antimicrobial substance. When treating periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) we use ozone several different ways: 

    - Oxygen-ozone gas injections in the gum tissue
    - Insufflation in the gum pockets
    - Ozonated oil applied to the gum tissue
    - Irrigation of ozonated water in the gum pockets
    - Oral Microbarics

Oxygen-ozone gas and ozonated water 
being applied in the gum pocket.