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 Ozone Benefits
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“It must be emphasized that BLOOD EXPOSED TO OZONE UNDERGOES A TRANSITORY OXIDATIVE STRESS necessary to activate biological functions without detrimental effects.” 

Bocci V. OZONE. A NEW MEDICAL DRUG, Springer, 2005 

“Exposure of human blood to a mixture of oxygen and ozone is not toxic for blood, providing exposure times a concentrations are appropriate” 


How oxygen ozone benefits the body in a nutshell:

Unlike ozone we breathe, our ozone made from medical grade oxygen, hence the name “oxygen-ozone”. Unlike air we breathe, it contains no other harmful contaminants. Once introduced into the body, ozone reacts with biological molecules or decomposes to reactive oxygen species (ROSs), primarily hydrogen peroxide. Most of the ozone reacting directly with molecules reacts with lipids (most abundant molecules) in the plasma forming lipid oxidized products or LOPS (mostly peroxides and aldehydes). With the exception of hydrogen peroxide, most of the ROSs are immediately neutralized by the body’s antioxidant system. By tying up the antioxidants, the ROSs give the intact ozone molecules the opportunity to react with lipids. Most of the hydrogen peroxide diffuses into cells. Although ozone and ROSs have a very short half-life, hydrogen peroxide and especially LOPs exist for a longer period of time. LOPs can last for hours and can make their way to all the organs in the body. At therapeutic levels, LOPs and hydrogen peroxide will cause mild and controlled oxidative stress which benefits to the body. 

Specific benefits of oxygen-ozone: 

Ozone is a powerful anitmicrobial

Ozone remineralizes enamel

Ozone increases energy production in cell

Ozone improves oxygen delivery by erythrocytes (red blood cells)

Ozone activates NF-kB. NF-kB activates the production of many types of cytokines from cells 

Ozone stimulates new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) (veins, arteries and lymph vessels) 

Ozone stimulates vasodilation 

Ozone decreases arterial plaque

Ozone improves the lineage of erythrocyte (red blood cells)

Ozone improves the antioxidant system of the body

Ozone enhances the innate immune system 

Ozone enhances the adaptive immune system