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Many of our new Charlotte NC area patients present to our office with some level of pain in their head, neck or face. Fortunately, as a dentist who has been treating head, neck and facial pain for over 25 years I am able to solve most of the pain problems for my patients. However, there are times when pain treatment and diagnosis needs to include other therapists in a pain management team.

Pain in the head, face and neck can be associated with: 

      - Teeth 

      - Bone 

      - Muscle 

      - TMJs (jaw joints) 

      - Skin and mucosa 

      - Headaches 

Pain in General: 

To understand pain in the head, face, jaw, neck and shoulders you need to understand some basic concepts.

Pain can be generated from nerve pain receptors (heat, cold, vibration, stretch and chemical stimuli) or by nerve dysfunction (no pain receptors involved). Pain that arises from stimulation of pain receptors is callednociceptive pain. Pain that arises from nerve dysfunction (not pain receptors) is called non-nociceptive pain. Pain receptors for nociceptive pain are found in the musculo-skeletal system and viscera (internal organs). The musculo-skeletal system includes the skin, muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. Non-nociceptive pain occurs in the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS). The PNS are the nerves between the tissues and the spinal cord. The CNS are the nerves in the spinal cord and brain. Non-nociceptive pain includes neuralgia (neuritis, neuropathy) and sympathetic pain. The most common nociceptive pain we experience is muscular pain. The most common non-nociceptive pain we experience is neuralgia.