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Root Canal and Patient Neglect
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Like every dentist, I have patients present to my Charlotte North Carolina office with root canal therapy that has failed. Sometimes the patient is responsible for the failure. There are several reasons for this:

1) The patient did not get a final crown on the tooth.

After a root canal is completed, a permanent filling (core build up or post and core) needs to be placed in the access opening to properly seal the root canal from the oral environment.Additionally, the tooth finally needs a permanent crown that fits over the filling and the tooth to give structural strength. 

After a root canal is completed, if a permanent 
filling (core build up or post and core) is not 
immediately placed, temporary filling will be 
placed in the access opening in the tooth. 

A properly restored (fixed) tooth with a permanent
filling (core-build-up, post and crown) 

2) The patient's home care was inadequate. 

If patients have consistently inadequate home care, decay can establish itself at the crown margins and progress to the root canal system and reinfect it. 

Decay at crown margin. 

3) The patient has not maintained regular exam and cleaning appointments.

Patients need to remember that they need to maintain recall cleaning and exam appointments. There are many patients who maintain their cars better than they do their mouth.