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Root Canal Dentinal Tubules
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As my Charlotte NC area patients know, I do everything possible to avoid root canal therapy . The best way to avoid root canal therapy is to prevent root canal infections in the first place.

There are times however, when root canals become infected before we had the opportunity to prevent them. When this occurs, often times we can still avoid the need for a root canal procedure on the tooth.

Of course, in some cases a root canal is unavoidable and needs to be done if the tooth is not going to be extracted. If a patient decides to do a root canal in our Charlotte NC office, we then can perform a biological root canal with oxygen-ozone, a biocompatible sealer and a non-gutta percha filling material.

Root canal anatomy can compromise the immediate or long term success of root canal therapy. The three main concerns about root canal anatomy are root canal shape, accesory canals and dentinal tubules.

Basic tooth anatomy 

Section of a crown of a tooth. The dentinal tubules extend from the root canal space to the enamel. In the root, where there is no enamel covering, the tubules extend from the root canal space to the outer surrface of the root. 

Dentin tubules with odontoblasts reside in the pulp in the root canal space. Odontoblasts are removed along with the rest of the pulp tissue when a root canal is completed. 

Bacteria gets trapped in the dentinal tubes along the inner wall of the root canal space.

Dentinal tubules (L), dentinal tubes with invading bacteria (R). 

To compensate for the dentinal tubules, I use oxygen-ozone gas to penetrate the tubules to help destroy the bacteria.