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Root Canal Failure Infection
Charlotte North Carolina Dentist NC 

 Root canal failure and infection, dentist Charlotte North Carolina, NC

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Ideally, the dentist and patient want to avoid root canal therapy. The best way to avoid root canal therapy is to prevent it in the first place. Obviously, when a root canal is necessary a dentist wants to do everything possible to avoid future problems or failure. 

What contributes to root canal failure for Charlotte North Carolina area patients? 

    - Complex anatomy of root canal chambers
    - Occluso-Muscle Disorder (unbalanced bite)
    - Patient Neglect 
    - Dental Technique 

Here are some pictures of failed root canals. Failure of a root canal is determined by patient symptoms (pain, swelling, etc.) and by radiolucencies or ”dark areas” on x-ray films which would indicate infection.