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TMJ and Jaw Muscle Exam
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A thorough examination of the TMJ (jaw joints) and jaw muscles (tmj and jaw muscle exam) is an integral part of our new patient examination at our Charlotte NC practice. An excellent dentist understands that the jaw muscles and TMJ are directly connected to the teeth and therefore the occlusion or bite. These structures cannot be ignored if we are treating our dental patients in a complete manner. It is important to get a base-line assessment of these structures to know if any damage has been and how these structures are presently functioning. If they are not functioning correctly then we can never achieve optimal dental or whole body health and our dental treatment cannot provide the best possible long term result for our Charlotte North Carolina area patients. 

Jaw muscles: 

There are many jaw muscles involved in jaw movement and the 
occlusion or bite can affect these positively or negatively. 

Palpation to test for tenderness or pain in the jaw muscles. 

TMJs (jaw joints): 

palpation of jaw joint (TMJ) to check for tenderness or pain 

loading of jaw joints (TMJs) to check for tenderness or pain 

Doppler device is an ultrasound instrument that amplifies joint sounds during movement. A diagnosis of the health or derangement of the joint can then be made. 

Doppler auscultation performed on TMJ. 

Jaw muscles in more detail: