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Tooth Pain Mechanism
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Some of my Charlotte North Carolina area patients may find it useful to understand the pain mechanism of teeth. The following information also explains why teeth with gum recession often have pain in teeth.

When there is a problem with a tooth, the pain will either come from the nerve of the tooth or the periodontal ligament around the tooth or both. For common causes of pain like a cavity, toothbrush sensitivity and temperature sensitivity, the following description explains the pain mechanism.

Inside the root canal of a tooth are cells called odontoblasts. They reside against the wall of the root canal. 


When tooth decay (bacteria) penetrate through the enamel and into the dentin, the bacteria and toxins get into the dentinal tubes. This will irritate the nerve endings around the odontoblasts and cause pain. If there is gum recession, a cavity can also start directly on the dentin itself and cause pain the same way.

If air, heat or cold temperatures and and molecules like sugar and salt in food can also cause pain when in contact with dentin. These stimuli will push fluid in or pull fluid out of the dentinal tubules. This in turn stretches and compresses the nerves around the odontoblasts which causes pain. Pain from these stimuli is often an issue in teeth with gum recession where the root of the tooth is exposed. Since the root of the tooth does not have any enamel coating, it is very susceptible to pain.